What is the Thing Called Love?: The Essential Book for the Single Women – William Glasser, Carleen Glasser


What is the Thing Called Love?: The Essential Book for the Single Women

This empowering book offers hundreds, potentially thousands of women and men an unmistakably profound message that they can use to implement positive change in their personal relationships immediately and forever. It is delivered in a simple, narrative story that is warm and immediately engaging, (and not text bookish at all). It is a perfect gift for the ones we love.I, like so many others, shop in your store again and again because we know we will find that special and unique gift for our loved ones. What Is This Thing Called Love is just such a gift item and I believe it has great revenue potential as well.As you will note from the accompanying materials, Dr. Glasser is highly visible around the world in the areas of education and psychology/personal growth, and has been successfully published numerous times.

Author: William Glasser, Carleen Glasser
Pages: 164 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.99 Mb

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