Tony Soprano on Management: Leadership Lessons Inspired By America’s Favorite Mobster – Anthony Schneider


Tony Soprano on Management: Leadership Lessons Inspired By America's Favorite Mobster

Changing economies. Employee loyalty. Power struggles. Deal making. Tony Soprano has to deal with management problems just like any CEO-and except for resorting to the occasional whacking (a definite no-no in corporate environments), he usually succeeds. Now readers can learn what makes him such a strong leader in this offbeat guide. Includes advice on:

? Sit-downs, stand-ups, and other meetings
? Behind the Bada Bing: managing people
? Hey, break it up: conflict resolution
? Deal Time: effective negotiation
? Cigar Time: performance evaluation

…and more

With case studies, worksheets, tips on "managing up" from Carmela and Silvio-and a special chapter on what Tony does wrong-this is a business book like none you’ve ever read. Readers can use it to gain new insight-and find street-smart ways to manage their own workplace family.

Author: Anthony Schneider
Pages: 256 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 19.02 Mb

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