The Phenomenological Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science – Shaun Gallagher, Dan Zahavi


The Phenomenological Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

The Phenomenological Mind is the first book to properly introduce fundamental questions about the mind from the perspective of phenomenology. Key questions and topics covered include:

What is phenomenology? naturalizing phenomenology and the empirical cognitive sciences phenomenology and consciousness consciousness and self-consciousness, including perception and action time and consciousness, including William James intentionality the embodied mind action knowledge of other minds situated and extended minds phenomenology and personal identity
Interesting and important examples are used throughout, including phantom limb syndrome, blindsight and self-disorders in schizophrenia, making The Phenomenological Mind an ideal introduction to key concepts in phenomenology, cognitive science and philosophy of mind.

Author: Shaun Gallagher, Dan Zahavi
Pages: 244 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.60 Mb

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