Expanding Dimensions of Consciousness – Abraham Arthur Sugerman, Ralph E. Tarter


Expanding Dimensions of Consciousness

The book presents an overview which pulls together a vast number of facts & experiences into a concise, comprehensive volume of theory & scientific research on achieving altered states of consciousness thru meditation, mind control sources & drugs. Discussions by experts in their fields include such topics as conceptual orientation, meditation, EEG biofeedback, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, mysticism, alcohol & drugs. The clinically oriented material will enlighten both psychologists & students.
1 Theoretical perspectives
Brain mechanisms, consciousness & introspection/ David L. Wilson
Cartography of conscious states: integration of East & West/ Roland Fischer
Altered states of consciousness: putting the pieces together/ Charles T. Tart
2 Induction of altered states of consciousness
The uses of meditation in psychotherapy/ Patricia Carrington
Psychophysiological correlates of relaxation/ Bernard C. Glueck & Charles F. Stroebel
The biofeedback hypothesis: an idea in search of a theory & method/ Andrew M. Elmore & Bernard Tursky
EEG biofeedback, multichannel synchrony training & attention/ Lester G. Fehmi
Hypnotism & altered states of consciousness/ Andre M. Weitzenhoffer
Altering states of consciousness through sensory deprivation/ Peter E. Suedfeld & Roderick A. Borrie
Mysticism: psychodynamics & relationship to psychopathology/ Michael R. Zales
Drugs & consciousness: an attentional model of consciousness with applications to drug-related altered states/ Steven M. Fishkin & Ben Morgan Jones

Author: Abraham Arthur Sugerman, Ralph E. Tarter
Pages: 319 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.04 Mb

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