Dealing with Difficult People (Business) – Roberta Cava


Dealing with Difficult People (Business)

This book will benefit everybody who has to deal with irate, rude, impatient or aggressive people. Whether you have to face angry or frustrated customers, or are troubled by irritating subordinates, manipulative bosses or non-communicative co-workers, Dealing with Difficult People contains proven strategies for handling stressful situations and defusing tensions calmly and professionally.
Discover the main cause of customer frustration and anger, and how to alleviate it.
Learn ways to deal with specific problems and personality conflicts.
Find out how to increase your people skills and work better with others.
Reduce your own stress and anxiety and increase your confidence and enthusiasm for the job.

Author: Roberta Cava
Pages: 224 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 14.68 Mb

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